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Arrival to Yyteri

With your own car:

Yyteri is located about 20 minutes' drive from the centre of Pori. Follow highway 2 north from Pori until you see the illuminated red letter Y on the left side of the road.


Signs will direct you to the parking area at the end of Yyterinsantojentie-road, where there will also be traffic control on the day of the event. Please follow the instructions when you arrive at the event and be aware of other traffic.


By bus:

Buses to Yyteri leave from Pori Matkakeskus. You can buy single tickets for pori public transport buses from the Waltti Mobile app or from the driver on the bus with contactless payment (by card) or cash. You can find more information about Pori public transport at


Bus number 34 runs from the city centre to Yyteri every hour from morning to midnight. You can also find the bus routes in the route guide.


You can find all bus services to Yyteri and Reposaari on weekdays here and on weekends here.


By bike:

There are good cycling paths to Yyteri and at the end of the trip you can reward yourself by taking a dip in the waves.


In Pori, you can use city bikes for hire with a mobile app. Bike rental points are located in key locations in the central area of Pori and in Yyteri. The Rolanbike app, which you can download on your phone, gives you easy access to a map showing the locations of the stops and instructions on how to use the bikes.


Check the additional information from RolanBike website.

Yyteri parking area

Welcome to Yyteri!

Arrival and getting around in Pori

There are many ways to get to Pori, including by car, train, bus, boat or even by plane. Getting around the city is also quick and easy.


For more information, go to VisitPori.

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